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The secret to sticking with a health and fitness program is finding activities you enjoy and that keep you moving. At the Y you can choose what is right for you – from low-impact activities like strength training, stretching and water exercise to high intensity classes like boot camp, interval training and indoor cycling.


Group exercise classes are free to members.  We have a variety of morning, afternoon, and evening classes offered Monday - Friday as well as Saturday mornings.  


N= No Impact    L=Low Impact    
H=High Impact    M=Moderate

BODY SCULPTING: Participants will use hand weights and resistance tubing to engage all major muscle groups.  Class N

CIRCUIT TONING: 45 min of supervised total body strength training class using selectorized equipment.  N

CYCLE-X: Join a group instructor for a virtual cycling experience using stationary bikes.  Class will also incorporate the use of hand weights to engage all major muscle groups.  N

CYCLE: Combination of 45 minutes of cardio activity on stationary bikes.  N

FLEX-N-STRETCH: 30 minute class devoted entirely to a total body stretch.  Participants are encouraged to warm up prior to attending the class.  Designed for all levels. N

HIT BURN:  45 minute total body workout targeting cardio & strength using different exercise modalities.  M

LINE DANCING: A 1 hour fun-filled workout.  Various line dances will be highlighted during the class.  Participants will benefit from a low impact format designed to be easy on the joints.  L

LITE-N-EASY: Low impact aerobics class designed for the beginner exerciser or members interested in a complete but less intense exercise experience. L

POWER SCULPT: Group strength training class designed to challenge all major muscle groups in one hour.  Choreographed to music, participants use barbells, hand weights, and resistance tubing to help create muscle overload. L

RESTORATIVE YOGA:  A quiet practice that will guide you through postures that will help improve joint flexibility and range of motion. N

RAPTOR CLASS:  High intensity, functional training that is modified to each participant’s ability.  These classes will incorporate the basics of squats, deadlifts, presses, athletic conditioning, etc. that will change nearly every workout. HI

TRX/HIT CIRCUITS (Total Body Resistance eXercise) Total body worout incorporating the use of suspension straps, your body weight and other equipment.  45 min class of cardio and strength training.  M

VINYASA YOGA:  60 minute class that incorporates a dynamic Vinyasa yoga flow.  Gain strength, improve flexibility and decompress with this yoga.  N

YOGA: YOGA means union of spirit, mind, and body.  Yoga utilizes breathing techniques to calm the mind, and poses to build strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration. N

ZUMBA: Dance based aerobics class that utilizes Latin/international music.  Dance party environment.  HI

GROUP POWER:  Blast your muscles with this high-rep weight training workout that uses adjustable barbells, weight plates and body weight exercises. HI

XPT: Personal training in a group exercise format.  A group exercise instructor will take participants through a 30 minute strength training program with a cardiovascular twist.  XPT is a great workout for those with limited time to exercise.  This class is NOT recommended to anybody new to strength training.  HI

YOGA FUSION:  Yoga Fusion is a combination of yoga fused with Pilates, Barre, Fitness, etc.  N



Classes are offered on a programmed basis as well as on-demand.  Members can start a class anytime the Group Ex Room is available.  Ask any of our fitness for assistance getting started.